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3 Tips to Look Stylish Fast

Running a business, volunteering and having a two year old can make it very difficult to be polished all the time. Owning a boutique has forced me to always dress up. Here in the small town of Dixon I am bound to run into a customer at the grocery store or gas station. So looking your best is a must! I'd love to share with you some of my quick tips I have found to make this process so much easier.

Tip 1: Do all the prep work early

I make a weekly plan every Sunday of what needs to be done. I have also found that if my clothes are steamed and ready to go before the morning rush it is a lot easier and faster to pull a look together. I also like to keep up with my nails and eyebrows in the evenings. It is one less thing to worry about when I'm not fully awake. 

Tip 2: Layer and accessorize

I am all about the comfy jeans and t look. To make this look more glamorized I suggest adding one of the following

A HAT this hat is only $15 and perfect for spring and summer. Whenever my hair isn't looking so hot this is how I fix that.

A KIMONO this trend is so popular right now because not only is it glamorous but it's also super comfy. There are so many ways to wear them and if you haven't checked out our blog post on styling tips to wear them check it out here.

A VEST this trend is great over graphic tees or bohemian style dresses. It's a little more boho chic but so cute!

Tip 3: When all else fails add lipstick!

I hope these tips helped you and good luck to all the busy women out there! Whether you stay at home, work all day or volunteer for all your favorite charities love yourself because you are like really pretty!






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