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5 Tips on How to Wear A Bralette

Styling Tips

Bralettes have been showing up everywhere lately. You’ve probably seen them all over your social media feeds, out and about on the town or maybe you’ve spotted one hanging on the rack here at Asterisk. 

At first, bralettes may seem daunting. How do you even wear the darn things? Well we are here to show you! They help make an unwearable outfit wearable!  Ever wonder what to wear under an open-back top? What about an off-the-shoulder sweater? Or a sheer lace blouse? Believe it or not, a bralette is the answer!

So what is a bralette? It is a a garment that can be worn in place of a bra. There is no need to wear a bra under a bralette unless you need extra support. They come in many colors, designs and with different fabrics from lacey, to satin or even leather! 
Now that you know what a bralette is, let's go over 5 tips on how to wear them.
1. Wear with an off-the-shoulder top

Strapless bras can be very uncomfortable but you have to wear something! Try a bralette underneath peaking out in a pretty coordinating color. 

2. Under a sheer top

Because bralettes are designed to be seen they are the perfect answer for what to wear under a sheer top!

3. Under a over-sized sweater or cardigan
A lot of times when you wear an over-sized sweater, it will fall off your shoulder or start hanging low in the neckline. Wearing a bralette will help you not worry about whether your undergarments are being seen because they are meant to be! 
4.To cover up cleavage

A high-neck bralette offers a little coverage and a lot of style when peeking out of under a normally revealing top.

5. With an exposed back

A lacy bralette looks so much prettier than a bra strap when worn with an open-back top! Don't be afraid to mix and match colors to compliment the outside top. 

Need some inspiration to get you started? Below you’ll find 8 different ways to wear a bralette. We just love this trend and want to help you get started! You can purchase our selection of favorite bralettes we have available here at Asterisk online today!

Feeling inspired? You can purchase our selection of favorite bralettes online today!


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