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Five Spring Activities to Try



There's nothing better on a spring day than a cute stripe dress. This off the shoulder dress is amazing because the stripe lines are vertical. This is a little optical illusion at its finest. I like to belt it to give the dress more structure but it does look super cute if the waist is left loose and it has a more I didn't try look.

1. This is the dress I'm wearing
3. These are the shoes
4. This is the local gallery we shot at! Absolutely love this place

These pictures are taken at our local art gallery. It's such a fabulous place to browse both local and national artists. I'm a big believer in finding fun things to do in your own town. So I came up with a few fun ideas to do on your day off ... besides catching up on laundry. I mean let's be honest who really likes to do that?!? Not this girl.

Five Spring Activities to Try

1. Visit your local art gallery

If you are local to Dixon there are 63 art galleries near us! Find them here. If you are not local here's a site that may help you find some around you (art galleries near me)


2. Make some friendship bracelets and trade them with your best friends.

Here is some ideas of "adult" friendship bracelets. This one is my favorite.


3. Hand write a thank you card

I absolutely love writing thank you cards. There is nothing like giving and receiving blessings. To sit down and really think about how much others mean to you is one of the most rewarding activities. If you are crafty af and want to try to make a fabulous thank you card this is the site for you. This is my favorite one from that site but I'm a glitter girl. 

If you are not crafty I got some great individual cards in the store for 2/$1 or $0.75.


4. Go for a bike ride

This site lets you know where all the bike trails are around you. It's fun to take a quick road trip and explore nature.


5. Buy a recipe book and try some yummy new recipes.

Nobody loves a good meal like this girl! Here is a list of the currently trending cook books. I mean I feel like we could all channel a little Julia.


Thanks so much for stopping by!






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