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Buyers Trip for Fall and Holiday Three Dot Collection

Johnny Law and I had such a great time at Dee & Co. Showroom in Chicago, IL shopping for the fall and holiday Three Dot collection. We left early in the morning to meet our 9:30 A.M. appointment fueled by lots of coffee! Once we arrived we were greeted with stylish clothes and a posh ambiance.

After receiving refreshments the stylist began showing us all that this amazing company has to offer! There was so much to choose from. I choose each item by thinking of the fit, the fabric, the color and how I believe it will lay out in my boutique. Then I thought of the other items I've brought on, the overall look of each item, the arrival dates and how it will contribute to the store's ambiance. Here is a sneak preview of some of my favorite styles.


 One of my favorite things about picking items out in person is you can feel the texture and quality of each style. This line has the most incredible textures I've ever felt! I love being able to try them on.

The only awful thing is, I have to wait until fall myself to even get one of these incredibly cozy styles. In fact some won't even arrive until October! But I have pre-order deadlines I have to fulfill. Can anyone say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my world. I've already picked out my holiday bagging and merchandising designs!




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