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Comfy Pocket Tees

Fact: I have a weakness for comfy tees, especially tees with pockets don't ask me why because I never use the pocket! Maybe it's because I feel like James Dean, a rebel without a cause. One day I might put a pack of smokes in that pocket. On a side note I've never smoked. I tried but just couldn't get into it.

Another fact I have a best friend that is like a sister. She's kind of crazy and I enjoy her even more for it! If you've never checked her out you should! You can find her on insta @that.fit.mom she's a bikini model/competitor. Her drive and discipline is nuts!

She's wearing this top in Small and I'm wearing it in a Medium. Because this mama loves her scones and lattes.

1. This is the top we are wearing. Be warned it may be the most comfy top you will ever own.
2. This is the white pants (the only sizes left are 3, 11,13 and 15)
3. This is the crop jeans I'm wearing (I love them but they are stretchy around the waist. I wear a belt with them and they fit perfect)
4. This is whiskered pants that Laura is wearing. They are a longer fit and true to size but I only have them in size 3 left.

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