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Five Fitness Tips for the Average Person

Happy Monday guys! I wanted to start this week off by doing a blog post about some of my fitness tips. First I want to let you know I am not a personal trainer. I am not a doctor and if you need some serious tips about your health I recommend going to one those two or a nutritionist.


But if you are like me and just an average mom that wants some helpful little hints to make your life easier, I have five I want to share with you!


Tip One

The first most important thing for me is to take my vitamins. There's a lot of different companies that you can go through to make sure that you're getting all your vitamins. I suggest doing your research and find out which ones are best for you. But don’t skip this tip it's very very very important because if you don't, your body's going to be nutritionally deprived. So, it'll be more hungry than what it should be and you're going to binge on things that aren't great.


Tip Two

My second tip is to drink tons of water. I know EVERYBODY says that but everybody says it for a reason. Drinking water is going to number one make your belly feel more full, number two all the toxins are going to get flushed out of your body and number three if you are dehydrated a lot of times you eat more because your body doesn’t know the difference between being thirsty and hungry. So, DRINK YO WATER.


Tip Three

It’s a simple tip but a key tip. Get up and move. Fun fact about me I don't actually work out. I’ll maybe walk outside but only if it’s nice. Or I’ll go on the treadmill but only if I can play on my phone. I don't like to work out. I don’t have time to work out. I should make time but I don't. So, what do I mean get up and move? I mean for me if my daughter wants me to get up and go across the room, I do. If she wants me to jump with her or dance with her, I do. I know it sounds simple but taking the effort to actually get up and move around is a really important part of staying healthy for your kids.  


Tip Four

My last tip is to eat proportionally. I'm a big fashionista, I don't actually like to think about things like carbs, calories and God forbid macros. (I still don’t know what those are but my personal trainer friend talks about them a lot) So, you need to find a trick that works for you to eat proportionally. And this is the biggest tip I use to eat proportionally. Treat your food like your shopping budget.  You only get so much money to spend on your food. So your calories are like your credit cards. If you really want that Dolce and Gabbana heels it’s not wise to just put it on your credit card and hope that you’ll have the money later. Instead you’re supposed to work hard and then use that extra bonus to get those sexy heels! So how do you relate that to eating balanced? If you go for a 5K then you can have a big Mac and a large McFlurry. But if you don't do a 5K and instead decide to lounge in your pajamas instagramming all day and you don't actually move or do anything  then you should probably not have a Big Mac and especially not a Large McFlurry. After I was told this tip it revolutionized the way I think about eating.  

Tip 5

Dress cute! If I throw on a cute fitness outfit I'm more likely to walk at a faster pace. Even if I'm wearing a jean jacket! Shop some of these fun looks. All activewear bottoms are only $19.99! 



I'm more of a fashion lover than a fitness guru but I do still make efforts for a healthy lifestyle so that I can be a good example for my daughter. If you need more help with fitness tips, I highly recommend seeing either a nutritionist or personal trainer. Do you have any more healthy eating tips you’d like to share? Let me know! I love getting new life hacks to make everything easier.


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