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How Often Do We Compare?

How often do we compare?

How often does something someone else have look more enticing than what we have. As women, we tend to compare how we look with other women. It is so easy to be discontent with the way we look, the style or color of our hair, ect. We also start comparing ourselves as moms and wives. A mom who has it together or has the "perfect two-year old" can seem intimidating to the mom who is struggling to find time to shower, whose house is a mess and whose two-year old is having tantrum after tantrum, but what we fail to realize is comparison is the thief of joy.

Every woman is special and unique in her own skin, her own shape and her own beauty. Each mom has gone through messy houses and defiant two-year olds in their own way. They might not struggle with the things you struggle with, but by all means, motherhood is hard and doesn't come easy. There are many struggles in all shapes and forms. When we start comparing and becoming envious and jealous, our situation starts to look worse. Our attitude becomes bitter and we lash out at our children or people around us. Sometimes we even form a bad opinion of "perfect mom" or "pretty girl" because we wish we were in their shoes. Then what could have been a blossoming and encouraging friendship turns into a bitter heart towards that person for being our definition of perfect.

Girls, women, moms, don't let comparison sneak into your thoughts. Don't let it plant a seed in your mind. Don't let it turn to bitterness or hatred. Instead, try to remember that all women are created differently; each mom has had some sort of crying child and messy house. The place you are in might be different from someone else;  but that doesn't mean they have it easier and you have it harder. It just means you are at different stages of life. So, seek out each other, change your perspective and start sharing your insecurities. You will find that it will be uplifting and encouraging and maybe those women whom you have envied will become your closest friends.

Kelle Bliss

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