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How to Wear Black Leggings

Styling Tips

Leggings have quickly become a staple piece in almost every woman's wardrobe. Finding the perfect pair of leggings can be tricky though. Things to look for when purchasing the perfect pair.

1. The Waist Band

It's so important to look at the waist band and see if it's one that will accent your curves or cut in. I personally prefer a soft waist band that does not cut in. This can be harder because every once in a while you have to pull them up but I would rather have that then have the awkward bulge that can happen on your sides.

2. The Length

I never like my leggings too short or too long. The best way to honestly see what looks most flattering on you is to try them on. If this is impossible because you are buying online, pay attention to the height of the model and compare yourself accordingly.

3. Fabric Make Up

Now I've tried a gazillion different kinds of leggings here at the boutique. I like cotton because they breathe the best but they do tend to be more transparent. I love fleece in the winter but I don't like all the fuzz it creates and attracts. My absolute favorite pair is a blend of nylon and spandex. I like how soft they are, they have full coverage and don't attract lint the same way.

This is my favorite pair that I've found from trying numerous styles!

Now that you have some buying tips I'd love to share with you my advice on how to wear your new favorite black leggings "appropriately".

The only die hard rule with leggings is do not wear blouses that stop right below the belly button. Please only wear leggings with shirts that cover your pelvis area. After that you can really do whatever you want!

When putting together your legging outfit decide how colorful you want to be. You can go neutral by pairing your leggings with black, grey, or white. But if you want to be more spunky pair them with brightly-colored and patterned tops. Lucky for us, black goes with just about anything. The only color I tend to stay away from myself with black is dark brown. It is very difficult to pair the two well. If you are a creative stylish genius I suggest trying it! The look when pulled off correctly is incredibly chic!


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  • Felly on

    You are rocking those outfits!!! It makes me want to pull my leggings out again.

    Felly | www.fellybee.com

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