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   I hope your day is treating you well so far. Today, I am blogging about something I have blogged about before but since I have gained a few more followers since then, I figured now is a good time for a repeat. Okay ladies, leggings...they are so comfy, they allow you to eat as much as you want, they suck and tuck things in, and they come in so many colors. That's where I draw the line. Unless they are black or a moto leggings, you can forget it. I refuse to wear them. I've been totes guilty of wearing leggings to indulge in a little feed my face time but they were solid black and I did like 300 squats the next day to balance it out. Printed leggings just are not flattering, no matter how you look at it. And if you are a fan of them, please don't be offended, this is just MY personal opinion!

   Okay, so onto these leggings that were another find from The Asterisk Boutique. They are smooth like buttah (butter) and they stay in place all day. What do I mean by that? Okay, how many big booty sisters do I have out there? I am a big booty girl fo sho. I loathe having leggings that I keep having to pull and tug to stay up because my butt has a mind of it's own. Okay y'all, these don't do that! Praise the LAWD! So, I paired these leggings with a new top I found from ASOS which is the perfect length for leggings because it's long enough, tunic like, and covers all the right spots. Another thing, leggings are NOT to be worn like jeans. Please, do not wear a short shirt with them unless you're planning on working out and adding sneakers to the mix. It will end up in one hot mess that nobody wants to see and I'm talking about the certain foot on an animal with humps 👌🏻. Now that I've gotten that out...as far as the shoes go, I went with my open heel booties that were a STEAL. Seriously, I found these booties, which I will link below, but they were even cheaper than the actual ALDO website. They are so comfortable and they don't slip. They are also the perfect bootie to transition into fall with! And lastly, I went with my Dooney Zip-Zip to throw a little more neutral into the mix and it matches the shoes perfectly. Win, win. Okay guys, that's it for today's post! All outfit links are below. Hope you have a marvelous evening!

Tamara Rose

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