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Happy day babes,

   I hope your day has treated you well so far! Today on the blog I am talking about something several people actually have an issue with and I truly don't know why! Black and blue, is that a terrible color combo? Obviously, I don't think so but I have had several people tell me before, "Oh, I would love that outfit if the top was another color than blue."...or vise versa. I am seriously not kidding. I have always found the two colors to be very rich but I truly do think they can complement each other very well if worn the right way.

   For today's look, I started out by choosing what bottoms I would go for. I ended up going with these amazing black pants with a shiny sheen to them to add a little touch of dressy. They have a stretchy waist, mid rise and they fit like a glove. TheAsteriskBoutique.com sent these to me and they may be one of my favorite things from the boutique thus far. I always struggle with what to wear to church in the winter because it does get cold here. I'm not really a fan of leggings with a dress and I try to come up with something cute because you know I adore fashion. But, now that I have these bottoms, I have a feeling the struggle will no longer be real ;)

   As far as this look goes, I went with a long sleeve chambray button up top. I had to keep the country alive in this look. Chambray is timeless and can be worn year round. It also makes me think southern when I wear it too. Since I opted for a more casual top, I knew the shoes had to be dressy. These light blue pointed heels were the perfect choice! There is nothing I love more when it comes to fashion than mixing up a look. I am pretty proud of this one. I love the two tones of blue going on here and as you can see, this color combo is everything! I have linked all outfit details below and I hope you all have an amazing evening!

Tamara Rose

chambray top // heels // handbag

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