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Six Basic Rules for Wearing White and White Pant Outfit Ideas

Five Basic Rules for Wearing White

Let me start by saying with fashion there is never complete hard-and-fast rules to follow. Fashion trends are fun to try but they are more of a guidelines not do or die rules. Still, if you're a traditionalist and afraid of showing up wearing the wrong thing or just like sticking to style guidelines, here they are.

1. Don't Wear All White to a Wedding

2. Warmer Climates Usually Have More Leeway, You Can Wear White Year Round.

3. "White Clothing After Labor Day" This Go to Rule Has Changed According to the Region You Live in and the Weather in Your Local Area.

It is now acceptable to wear white in warm weather no matter the time of year. A good rule of thumb is if you don't need a jacket, it's okay to wear white.

4. Avoid White Clothes in Busy Environments

This should go without saying but if you know you are going somewhere that is less than neat wearing white is not a good idea.

5. Wear the Right Shoes

Heavy black pumps paired with lightweight white dresses can be an odd combination. Better options include either bold neon colors or natural toned/white sandals.

6. Ultimately the Choice Is Yours

Maybe you grew up hearing the rules for wearing white and you're a traditionalist. Or you may have heard these rules and decided you like to wear what you want, when you want, no matter what! It's okay because ultimately the choice is yours. Fashion changes all the time, so what is considered "in" today could be "out" tomorrow. Traditionalist or nonconformist - when it comes to what to wear, the choice is yours. But now that you're ready to wear white here are some outfit ideas. 

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White Pant Outfit Ideas



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