Best Fall Poncho Outfits

Styling Tips

One of the big trends this fall is the "Poncho". The Poncho was first used in the 1850s for irregular U.S. military forces operating on the U.S. Western Plains. In the 1970s the poncho became a fashionable garment for women's wear. This style of poncho was usually knitted and suggestive of an ethnic influence, corresponding to the hippie era. 

Ponchos worn commonly in 1850s

Ponchos worn commonly in 1970s

Ponchos have been around forever and we understand why! They are the perfect layering piece to keep you warm and stylish! Ponchos blend perfectly with anything. Here at Asterisk Boutique we have brought on several styles of ponchos with our favorite being this one here. In today's blog post we wanted to show you the best street style poncho looks to inspire you to try this trend. 


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