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Updating Your Style 2017

With the weather changing you probably want a new outfit. I wanted to go through the steps to transitioning your closet from winter to spring. It can be quite a process but if you take the time to do it, it will save you time in the morning while you're getting ready and it will help you stay trendy and fabulous.

1. Say Goodbye to Thick Sweaters!

The first step is to go through what you currently have and take out all of your bulky sweaters and chunky scarves. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! Put them in a tote for storage until next fall. I believe creating the perfect wardrobe comes from a smooth transition of mixing old and new.

2. Bring Up Your Stored Spring/Summer Clothing from 2016

I bring up clothes that I stored away from last season and then choose signature pieces that I still love. Not everything makes it back into the closet from last year. What doesn't make it I generally give to friends first and then charity. I think that as people we change and our wardrobe should evolve with that. But let me tell you there are a couple things that I am not getting rid of! One of them is my thick stripe American Apparel Scarf. It's not going anywhere!

3. Take an Inventory of What You Have

I am a paper and pen type of girl. So I will write down four light weight sweaters, three colorful blouses, 2 jeans. You can get as detailed as you want in this process. I tend to do like a quick doctor's note written summary. This step really is essential in order to know what else you are lacking and to make best use of what you have.

4. Browse Instagram and Pinterest

I browse both to find what trends I'm currently craving and are out there. I personally am a little obsessive with the pop culture trends that I know will be short lived. But you don't have to be. I had a lady tell me today in the boutique she thinks cut outs on your shoulders are stupid. And you know what? That's ok! She doesn't have to like them as much as I can't stand overly embroidered things. On a side note that may change by the end of summer, I may become obsessed if I see enough of them.

5. Write Down Exactly What Your Closet Needs

That way when you go shopping you have a game plan and hopefully you don't get too distracted. It's easier to stick to a list if you've made one. It's super hard to stick to a list if you haven't even made it!

6. Go Shopping!!!!

Ok, now this is my favorite part! I looooooove too shop. Make sure you have a budget though and ask for help! Do not be afraid to make your budget apparent to whomever is helping you. You really can do a lot in any price range. It's one of my favorite things about shopping is asking for suggestions from friends and boutique assistants. Because chances are they love clothes as much as you do and just want you to look your best.

7. Add Your New Stuff to Your Closet

Add all your new finds and enjoy! Also don't be afraid to take TONS of pictures!!! #selfie

Some trends to try this spring

  • the color blush
  • bell sleeves
  • off the shoulder shirts

This shirt covers all three, Happy Shopping!!!





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