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Hey you babes,

   I hope you are having a blessed day so far! Today on the blog I will be talking about how important it is to have a crisp, white top in your wardrobe. It can be a simple button down, or like this amazing wrap top I am sporting today from TheAsteriskBoutique.com . Or both, because you can honestly never have enough white tops. They are so chic and always dress any look up. I have even worn a white button up with a front tuck and my Adidas Superstars and felt like a million bucks.

   This particular top can be worn with sneakers too and would look so cute but today, I opted for some heeled ankle boots, pink crushed velvet ankle boots that is! I may or may not have a little capture below of my sneaker version though, just to show you guys how versatile this top can be. As I've mentioned to y'all before, I'm a Tennessee girl. And can I just say, this top screams southern belle to me for some reason, must be the sleeves!

   Okay, since the top is dressy, I paired it with some dark wash distressed denim. The dark wash dresses it up and the distressing keeps it trendy. And then to add a little pop...well, that's where these ankle boots come into play! I am so loving this look and it's something I wouldn't particularly rock but so happy I did it. As far as the accessories go, I added some coral tassel earrings to keep the pink tone flow going but wanted to keep the handbag simple since my main focus is the top and then the boots kind of speak for themselves anyway. That's it for today's post babes and I hope you all enjoyed! All outfit links are below and you have seriously got to check out this top! Have a blessed day! Also, The Asterisk Boutique has been kind enough to let me share a promo code with my followers...Tamara15 will save you 15% on your entire purchase! #Boom

   And then here is the same look, just different shoes. See guys, sneakers DO go with everything!
Tamara Rose

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