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Hey y’all,

   I hope you ladies are ready to chow down on Thanksgiving! I for one cannot wait to inhale a ton of dressing and cranberry sauce! My all time faves! And with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, because after everyone gets their belly full...they go home to rest up for all the deals coming out at midnight...or earlier this day in time! I’ve personally never been that into it as far as losing sleep over it all BUT what I am into is shopping small.
   Shopping small means you still get the great deals but without all the crazy people at 3 am...oh and you can sleep in! Shopping small is a wonderful way to give back to your community. Could you imagine living in a town with no clothing boutiques, coffee shops, mom and pop owned restaurants? I for one would not want to live in a town like that. Meeting new people and purchasing better quality items that you don’t see on everyone passing by is also another plus. I've always loved shopping at boutiques just because it is more personable as well. I love getting to know the owner and staff one on one, which is something you obviously cannot do with department stores. And when talking about the employees, the customer service is just that much better.

   I have pointed all that information out to say this. Please consider shopping small this Black Friday and holiday season. See how much better and more successful you will feel at the end of your day. Knowing you've helped your community out, gotten better deals, AND purchased gifts for your loved ones that not everyone else will own too. Also, if you don't plan on getting out of your pj's on this particular day, like me, then I strongly encourage you to shop small online! If you need help finding a good boutique then I got ya covered! Check out my favorite, TheAsteriskBoutique.com I know the owner personally and she is the most down to earth boss babe with the best style. Also, she is getting new shipments in weekly which shows that she keeps up with fashion on the regular! Lastly, when you check out their page, be sure to use promo code Tamara15 at checkout to save 15% on your entire purchase! They have the cutest packaging as well, which always helps with the selling point for me. I like pretty things, what can I say?! Hope you babes enjoyed today's post. Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Enjoy family, eat a lot and be thankful for all your many blessings! Have a blessed day loves.
Asterisk's holiday bags + jewelry boxes. How much cuter could they be?!
Tamara Rose

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