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Yoga Workshop
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Yoga Workshop

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Neck, Back and Shoulders - Tension Relief and Relaxation Workshop



$30.00 person
Do you carry tension and tightness in your shoulders and neck? Do you spend much of your time seated at your computer or driving?
Much of our stress and tension settles in the shoulders, upper back and neck. Learn to free the tensions in these areas.
In this 2 hour workshop you will:
*Experience release of tension and tightness in your upper back, shoulders and neck.
*Learn easy movements to unwind and relax shoulders and back at work or at home.
*Discover the relationship between shoulder blades and chest muscles to improve posture and breathing. 
*Stretching and strengthening of the muscles.
*Feel a sense of ease and freedom as well as relaxation.
Each participant will leave with a free surprise gift to help you manage stress, relax, renew and restore. 

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